Green Key

Our environmental policy


We keep on focusing to be better in considering our environment. We are following environmental legislation and requirement.

We are minimizing environmental effect and evaluate different environmental aspects,

The hotel prioritize environmental friendlier alternatives. We are together with our contractors and suppliers working to get solutions to more environmental technology and management of  resources.

We are keep on aiming to emit less chemicals through using as little noxius substances as possible. Housekeeping chemicals are almost 100% eco-labelled products. We are aiming to use only LED or low energy bulbs to reduce energy consumption.

The hotel is keep on aiming to use as much ecological, eco-labelled and environmental products as possible.

We are recycling and are making sure that all dangerous environmental waste are handled in a safe way

We are educating our staff in a way so they will take consideration to the environment in their daily work.

The management of Sturup Airport Hotel make sure that the operation keep up their environmental work according to our environmental policy and goal