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Restaurant, bar and catering



Breakfast every day between 04:00 – 09:30

Dinner every night between 18:00 – 21:00

(We serve food 24 hours a day, ask at the reception what we can offer)






Snails Provencal   145:-

with bread 

Goulash soup  140:-

with garlic bread 

Carlic- and chili schampi    150:- 

with bread

Bruschetta   150:-

with buratta, cold smoked ham served with arugula


+250g sirloin steak  299:-

with coat, béarnaise sauce, redwine sauce, onion rings and stir-fried vegetables  

Breaded spade fillet  225:-

boiled potatos and remoulade sauce 

Herb-marinated lamb roast beef   245:-   

with feta cheese cream

Double smashed burger  220:-

with glazed bacon, cheese, pickled red onion, pickled cucumber, salad, dressing and french fries 

Vegetarian soya burger  185:- 

with cheese, pickled red onion, pickled cucumber, salad, dressing and fries

Ground beef   175:- 

with pepper sauce 

The hotel`s salad  150:- 

Seasonal vegetables served with bread and butter

Ask the staff  which protein are available in today´s salad



Toblerone mousse     95:- 

with fruit and oat flakes

Blueberry pie    95:-

served with vanilla icecream

Coffee and chocolate truffles  50:-







Beer 50cl  95:-

Staropramen / Eriksberg / Tuborg / Nya Carnegiebryggeriet 100W (33cl)

Beer (35,5cl)  89:-

Brooklyn East IPA / Brooklyn Lager

Beer (33cl) 70:-

Staropramen Mörk / 1664 Blanc veteöl / Carlsberg Hof Organic

Light beer (33cl) 40:-


Wine  (glass)  95:-

red/ white   

Jacob’s Creek 

Looking for another one? Ask the staff for winelist


Soda (33cl)  40:-

Pepsi / Pepsi Max / 7up / Zingo / Schweppes Tonic / Ramlösa



 Allergies? Please ask the staff





Breakfast with great variety. Served every day between 04: 00-09: 30.


The restaurant is open for lunch Tuesdays-Thursdays between 11: 30-13: 30. Dinner is served every evening between 18: 00-21: 00.


The bar is open until 01:00


Try our lovely buffet dishes with accessories and the little extra!

Scanian specialties

International kitchen with Scanian touch.